We here and at Broiled Sports are gearing up for the the very special 25th anniversary of WWE's Summerslam and what better way to do that than create a list of the Top 40 Summerslam matches of all-time. Where have you seen this before? Well, here! We gave you our Top 40 WrestleMania matches of all-time back in March & April. Why a Top 40? Well since there is 40 days til the annual event, we will be leading you up to it with a match everyday. This list is definitely going to create some controversy. Some matches may deserve to be higher, lower, or not on the list at all. Some good matches have been left off. That's the beauty of the list, it's always up for discussion. Now to the list!

#35: Summerslam 2010 - Team WWE vs. The Nexus