New York, NY - It is not too often a writer has to sit here and say that they were wrong about something. But on this night I have too. You see I sat here and boldly predicted that John Cena would win the 2011 Royal Rumble.

Instead for once WWE Creative did something well Creative…they had a young lion win the largest Royal Rumble. As the man of destiny and WWE’s hottest heel (yes he has been upgraded) Alberto Del Rio was the victor in yesterday’s pay-per-view.                                        

So I sit here, a humbled sports writer but also a happy one since it is nice to see Del Rio climb the ladder the way he has. The Mexican Aristocrat can cut a promo with the best of them, along with his devastating cross-arm breaker submission move expect big things for Del Rio for quite some time.

In order to celebrate WWE’s hottest heel’s victory in the largest Rumble in the history of the Company Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and introduces the victor to the WWE Universe. Fans got to see an original celebration which featured a mariachi band playing the Mexican Aristocrat’s theme song, along with balloons.

Del Rio cut an awesome promo on how the WWE Universe does not listen, he goes on to tease the fans on which Superstar he will choose to face at WrestleMania. Of course before we can get any confirmation we have an interruption from the Miz-but you-you already knew that.

The Awesome-one would try to push Del Rio towards challenging the Rated-R Superstar Edge in Atlanta. Just when fans thought that Edge would back down without a fight, the Ultimate Opportunist came out and welcomed the challenge from the young lion.

In the end WWE’s hottest heel would choose to become the number one contender for the World’s Heavyweight Championship over at the Blue Brand and would send a serious note to whoever would wear the strap at WrestleMania putting the Ultimate Opportunist in the cross-arm breaker

The show continues with a Raw Royal Rumble with seven participants competing for the number one spot in the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view

Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov def. Husky Harris/Michael McGillicutty for the Tag Team Championships: After Marella strikes with the Cobra for the 1-2-3 victory for the champs the ‘New’ Nexus got attacked by a cobra of another kind as Randy Orton came out to attack the guys who robbed him of the championship on Sunday.

Just when Orton was about to punt Harris to the next town when New Nexus leader C.M. Punk comes out and tells Orton that there will be consequences to his actions. After much thought the Viper eventually struck the prone Harris with a punt heard round the world. Before the New Nexus could do their gang fair attack on Orton, the Viper would slither away to the fans in the arena.

Ted DiBiase/Maryse comes out and the Fortunate Son demands that Jerry 'the King' Lawler remove himself from the Raw Rumble. Jerry cuts an emotional promo saying how he has never participated in a WrestleMania and that his road to the big show starts tonight, he will not give his spot up to anyone.

As the young lion would proceed to slap the Hall of Famer upside the head DiBiase would then use Maryse as a shield from Lawler. For that action the Diva then turned and slapped her ex-boyfriend in the mouth, shortly after the King would punch DiBiase through next week.

Daniel Bryan def. Tyson Kidd: The U.S. Champion was once again victorious via tap out with the LeBell lock over Kidd. Cue in the Bella Twins who are upset because Bryan is dating Gail Kim……ensue divas pulling out hair a shame that they have to do this to the very talented US Champion. If done properly a feud with Kidd would be one that would have WWE fans buzzing for quite some time.

Champion vs. Champion Edge def. The Miz: In an interesting bout between two Superstars, the two would go back and forth before John Cena would start cheering from a microphone in the crowd. Cena would distract the awesome-one enough for the Rated-R spear and the 1-2-3 victory.

Vickie Excuse me Guerrero comes out and teases a historic Friday Night SmackDown. What would be the idea of creative and historic well it would be a 3-or-2 World Heavyweight Championship match on Friday as Laycool and Dolph Ziggler take on Edge and Kelly Kelly.

Now if WWE Creative can do things wisely this storyline with Ziggler/Edge and Drew McIntyre maybe an interesting way to bring ‘The Chosen One” into a feud that is worthy of his time and talent.  If not then this is nothing more than filler time on SmackDown. Please WWE Creative there is a reason why McIntyre is the chosen one-if you can do it for Del Rio you can do it for Drew.

Then for the fluff portion of the Flagship brand where we can all stretch our legs. I promise I’ll be quick with these-since these were nothing more to fill time to the main event.

Laycool def. New Divas Champion Eve/Natalya: Layla finishes the match with her new finishing move the Facelift for the 1-2-3 to give Laycool the fluff victory.

Kahli and Mark Henry vs. The Usos:  In a dance off-yes ladies and gents a dance off. I realize it is better than other options with the WWE but there are a whole bunch of guys that aren’t getting the push that they should. But for now WWE Creative has other things they need to work out like a new number-one contender for the WWE Championship.

Cue in the customary commercials for the Elimination Chamber in February before the big seven man Raw Royal Rumble. It was a first in the history of the flagship brand that the people within WWE Creative have had this rumble-type format to decide the number one contender at a pay-per-view. Don’t think the other participants don’t go away empty handed as they will participate in the Elimination Chamber itself.

Competitors for this match were John Morrison…now known as the Spider-Man of WWE, ‘King’ Sheamus, John Cena, Randy Orton, C.M. Punk, R-Truth and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. In an interesting fast-paced main event, which would feature another surprise from WWE Creative?

That surprise would be Hall of Famer Lawler winning the first ever Raw Rumble to become the number-one contender for the WWE Championship. Most of WWE Universe knows that if it wasn’t for one Michael ‘I <3 the Miz’ Cole. 

The first Raw after the Rumble wasn’t the greatest but it did provide some entertaining moments, and some surprises. I personally am surprised that after the Cena interruption during the Champion vs. Champion bout that WWE Creative didn’t have Cena win the Raw Rumble.

But maybe-just maybe WWE Creative is saving Cena/Miz for WrestleMania.  In the end though caps off to the people at WWE Creative, thank you for giving me a reason to be wrong with my prediction at the Rumble. Do stay tuned though because maybe-just maybe some of my predictions may just in fact come true.