I can't stand when people who aren't any good at what they do, get overrated, so now the newest article series on Broiled Sports is, The Overrated. Now overrated doesn't mean the person in question isn't any good persay, it just means they aren't as good as people make them out to be. Sure, they can certainly suck, but that's not necessarily what I'm going for. Up second:


Is Edge overrated? To quote the great Stone Cold Steve Austin "OH HELL YEAH!".


For too long, Edge has received a free pass from wrestling fans, and I'm not going to let that happen anymore.


Reasons why Edge is Overrated:


- He had no charisma, didn't have the "it factor"


- He had no character ... 'Rated R Superstar'? not only is that extremely corny it's pathetic


- He was a 10 time champ ... WTF!? He isn't even world title material. He is a mid-card talent who never should have won the big strap.


- He couldn't get over on his own. The only reason he was over was because of Lita. So basically Edge couldn't get over on his own and used the luscious Lita to get him over by cheating on his wife


- He was out of shape for 95% of his career


- He had a horrible look! Terrible haircut and the tattoos were somehow even worse


- He never drew a dime ... plain and simple. Was never a draw, never made them money, or got them ratings


- He was VERY injury prone. He would get hurt at least once a year. No durability whatsoever.


- He was a bad worker ... Ever watch an Edge match? I mean really watch it. The guy can't rassle, he can't work. He needs to be carried by a better wrestler in order to have a good match


- He couldn't cut a good promo to save his life! And his delivery was awful. Also his catchphrases were terrible, come to think of it, they were downright embarrASSing.


- He was a terrible tag team wrestler ... The fact that Edge and Christian were 7 time tag team champions is an absolute joke. For a supposed tag team, they didn't have any 'tag team maneuvers'.


- He shouldn't be in the WWE Hall of Fame. He is only in it because they love to be loyal to guys who were in the company so long.


- You always go out on your back in the wrestling business and the selfish Edge didn't do that.



So there you have it, Edge is overrated! Perhaps one of the most overrated professional wrestlers of all time. CASE CLOSED!