New York, NY - If the members of the WWE Universe wasn’t tired of the Nexus storyline to begin with, this recent push by WWE Creative may make fans not tune into the flagship brand. As tonight the black and yellow took over a town painted green after the Packer Super Bowl victory on Sunday.

First a pleasant surprise was in store for the fans as Mr. McMahon made his return to the show. Sadly he didn’t fire anyone, but instead announced that next week the host of WrestleMania will be revealed.  I maybe in the minority when I say that Mania certainly does not need a host, but as we know Vince is a huge fan of bringing out celebrities to the biggest pay-per-view of the year.

Then one by one the ‘New’ Nexus began to attack each member of the up-and-coming Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. First they got revenge on ‘The Viper” Randy Orton, after the punt heard round the world on Husky Harris last week.

Mason Ryan would finally be able to display his talent and strength, by holding R-Truth’s leg over his head in a twisted submission move in a disqualification bout between the two. It was nice to see the power of the Batista look a-like displayed. It should be interesting to see where WWE Creative can take this young talent.

WWE didn’t make the whole show about the Nexus as the Divas were on display as Champion Eve, Gail Kim, and Tamina def. the Bella Twins and Melina.  The only purpose of this match aside from breaking up the action was to announce a title bout between Eve and Natalya next week.

 If WWE is serious about the Divas Championship they will allow Eve to get a clean victory over Natty, and allow Eve to pick up steam as the champ. Either that or allow both Divas to have a very solid match with Natty regaining her strap. It seems a shame that at one point in time the Divas division was one of the strongest in professional wrestling, now things are a shamble and WWE Creative really need to do something about it.

This part of the programming we get back to the ‘Black and Yellow’ takeover as after John Morrison defeated Michael McGillicutty, there was a surprise attack by C.M. Punk on Morrison. The Straight-Edge Savior was able to unleash both a chemical substance to the eyes along with a vicious kick to the skull laying out the ‘Guru of Greatness.”

Daniel Bryan/Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler def. The Miz and Ted DiBiase: This was an okay match for the WWE Creative to break up the programming. It would help to build the feud that is going on right now with Lawler and The Miz. Hopefully they can also start a feud with Bryan and DiBiase; I think that would be an interesting feud for two young and talented lions.

Now on to my thoughts between this feud between Lawler and The Miz, this is something that is sort of tearing me as a fan. As much as I enjoy old school, and know how hard Lawler has worked to enjoy this moment…I really do.

At the same time this is The Miz, this is supposed to be the most watched Champion in WWE history. It just really seems as if maybe there can be someone else that The Miz can feud with, maybe John Morrison. Even if you don’t give the Guru of Greatness the strap would you not want to see these two go at it? There are also a bevy of other superstars not named John Cena that Miz can feud with. It is something that personally as a fan I need to see more of, and see what happens next.

In a match I was really-really looking forward too, turned out to be more ‘Black and Yellow’ propaganda as David ‘A-List” Otunga didn’t even get to start his bout against King Sheamus, due to interference from Mark Henry. No ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ is not the newest member of the Nexus, but instead a-false war of the words, which was implanted by the heel group, got Henry to do the dirty work. Otunga would stand over the fallen ‘Celtic Warrior’ fist raised high in victory, as another member of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view would fall.

This would have been so nice to see Otunga and Sheamus go at it one-on-one, and maybe one day the WWE Creative will allow Mark Henry a good feud with the Irish born ‘King,’ but for now we have to deal with the push for the Nexus.

Alberto Del Rio def. Santino Marella: This was an interesting bout for the Mexican Aristocrat, for some reason WWE’s hottest heel actually made Santino look legit. That would not last for too long as Del Rio would begin to work on the arm for the devastating cross-arm breaker for the tap-out victory. This really didn’t do much to add to Del Rio’s heat, as it did make Santino look more legit as a wrestler-but you-you already knew that.

Personally this writer is very excited and hopeful for one day a Ted DiBiase/Alberto Del Rio feud. Something about these two rich, talented superstars excites me and if done well I really think it will excite the WWE Universe as well.

WWE programming would not be complete without Vickie ‘Excuse Me’ (booooo) Guerrero and her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler. Guerrero would go on to say how Ziggler will be World’s Heavyweight Champion on SmackDown, before the promo could continue we would have the entry of WWE’s resident Superman John Cena.

Cena would come down and cut his traditional face promo to fire up the crowd in Milwaukee, he would eventually get SmackDown’s heel power couple out of the ring, before finishing the night with his match against C.M. Punk.

Again the bout would be interrupted by thoughts of Nexus, as Cena would whack Punk with a low blow for a disqualification victory for the Black and Yellow leader. The heel group would come dashing to the ring to try to eliminate the final member of the pay-per-view before Cena got a helping hand (see steel chair) from Jerry Lawler.

Raw would end with Cena standing proud with the chair celebrating with the members of Cenation just to make the members of the WWE Universe feel better about the night. People within WWE had better be careful with this Nexus storyline, all they have to do is look at TNA (as hurting as they are) and the Immortal storyline to see how these heel groups dominating a storyline can hurt ratings.

Hopefully this is something just to build up a C.M. Punk as a uber -heel down the road, maybe this group fails and the ‘Savior’ will turn his back on his students. Only time will tell where this and many other storylines, including the mysterious new star incoming on 2/21/11 will take the fans.