New York, NY- On this Friday night SmackDown we continue to see ‘Acting’ General Manager Vickie ‘Excuse Me’ Guerrero stack the deck against World’s Heavyweight Champion Edge; in attempt to get ‘boyfriend’ Dolph Ziggler the strap before the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Before we get to how the new power couple on the blue brand tried to outwit the Ultimate Opportunist, we start the show with a pleasant surprise the return of one Booker T. As the master of the spin-a-roonie came out to join the play-by-play announcing team instead of wrestling. Here is hoping though that we can see Booker in action sometime soon.

Now back to our resident Blue brand couple as Guerrero comes out with Ziggler to call out the dual named Diva Kelly Kelly. Cue a very well cut promo by Vickie blaming the blond for Ziggler not holding the strap. Then we have a very well cut and fired up promo by Kelly Kelly saying how she is tired of Vickie and her evil ways.

Dolph Ziggler cuts in and says that we no longer have need of the blond diva in the ring anymore, before the smack heard round the world was unleashed by Kelly Kelly. That smack would cue in both Laycool and Edge to build up anticipation for the nights three-on-two mixed-tag main event.

Then the WWE Creative decides to give  ‘The CorreHeath Slater and Justin Gabriel a victory over Tag Team Champions Santino Marella and Victor Kozlov. All things considering WWE Creative didn’t Santino and Victor just pick up a victory on Monday night against your other version of the Nexus. I mean really, I think the members of the WWE Universe would have liked to have seen the young-do of Husky Harris and Mike McGillicutty get the victory.

As always though the members of the WWE creative wishes to create momentum for the blue brand of the Nexus and considering that Gabriel and Slater held the tag team straps at one point in time, I would expect for the duo to be future champs sometime in the future. Either that or the WWE Creative can continue this feud somehow at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view with Harris/McGillicutty, Gabriel/Slater and the champs for a shot at the strap. Remember folks if it happens you heard it here first.

SmackDown then starts the portion of the programming where we figure out the main event of the up-and-coming pay-per view. This first match was for sure a surprise, but the result was a good one for ‘The Chosen One’ as Drew McIntyre picked up a victory over Kofi Kingston. In what was a great back-and-forth affair between the two superstars, with the only spoiler being a distraction from WWE’s hottest heel Alberto Del Rio.

The Mexican Aristocrat would come on to the big screen and flash Kingston a wink, before ‘The Chosen One” finished the match off with the future shock DDT for the victory. Understandable how WWE Creative could have this interference as we would see later on a feud between Kingston and Del Rio brewing. This would also start to regain heel points for McIntyre which was needed, while also adding to the already growing heel status of Del Rio. But you-you already knew that.

In the middle of all the commercial breaks we would see this promo plugging a mysterious Superstar that is to come to the WWE on 2/21/11. Most buzz around the internet is saying that Sting is on his way to join the roster right in time for WrestleMania, a lot of people feel though that this is another way to plug the Undertaker’s return.  Stay tuned to see what happens with this incoming roster member.

Rey Mysterio def Jack Swagger to become the second qualifier of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view:  Both men got to show off their move sets, especially Swagger staring to show off a very aggressive wear-down  to get a submission skill set. In what had to be the move of the night Swagger would apply an ankle lock to ‘Master of the 6-1-9’ right on the second rope.

In the end the ‘Ultimate underdog’ rolled up the ‘All-American-American’ for the 1-2-3 victory. Personally it would have been nice to see Swagger have another crack at the heavyweight strap, but maybe a good feud will be in the future for the young lion.

We now go backstage where we find the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ Edge starting to doubt Kelly Kelly and her ability to defeat the Diva duo of Laycool. The normally quiet Diva was all fired up at Edge saying how she has been underestimated for too long storming away into another commercial break.

By the way I thought the whole storyline with Kelly Kelly was supposed to be her and Drew McIntyre, what is the matter WWE Creative reading too many of my blogs as of late and wanting to try to change things up on me. I’m on to you  now :evil laugh mode on:.

Back to the show where we cue in the very unlikely duo of Rosa Mendes and Hornswoggle tossing out t-shirts to the members of the WWE Universe. Just when we thought it would be a nice fluff piece and a break in the action cue in the WWE’s hottest heel in Alberto Del Rio.

The Mexican Aristocrat would torment Hornswoggle in true heel fashion before getting whacked in the knees  by the piñata stick. For that act Hornswoggle got a kick to the face from Del Rio adding to the heel legacy that the Mexican Aristocrat is building for himself. Before a beat down ensues Kofi Kingston comes out to begin a feud between these two young lions. Cue in the traditional heel beat down by Del Rio and the eventual application of the cross-arm breaker submission move as referees came in to stop WWE’s hottest heel.

A feud between Del Rio and Kingston would make for a very interesting and exciting matches, which should keep the heel fresh until the feud between Ziggler and Edge is completed. It is also nice to see Kingston get into a feud that is worthy of his time and talent that is if WWE Creative does it the right way.

Kane def Chavo Guerrero to become the third man to qualify for the Elimination chamber match. The ‘Big Red Monster’ caught Chavo in the middle of the frog splash got the choke slam for the 1-2-3 victory for Kane. This was sort of a ho-hum bout for the WWE Universe, these two superstars could have built up some steam before the victory but thus the show must go on.

Count down to Mania is on and I know everyone is excited for the big pay-per-view which is being held in Atlanta, Georgia this year.

Final qualifying match for the Elimination Chamber as ‘Corre’ leader Wade Barrett picks up a victory over the Big Show. In the beginning of the bout it was a one-on-one match between the two Superstars, but we could not end the night without the traditional beat down of the face in WWE.

This beat down however would be an interesting one as Ezekiel Jackson would come out and power slam ‘The Worlds Largest Athlete’ in an impressive display of power, to assist his leader in the victory while also qualifying him for the final spot. Here is hoping that WWE Creative is reading this because a one-on-one feud between Jackson and Big Show would be awesome.

Now we get to the Main Event bout in which the cards were very much stacked against the reigning champion Edge. In a ‘supposed’ historical three-on-two mixed tag team bout in which featured a stipulation of if either member of Laycool got a victory over the dual named Kelly Kelly the heavyweight strap would be awarded to Dolph Ziggler.

Oh yeah to make matters worse for the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ he would not be allowed to pull out his fishing move ‘The Spear’ without being stripped of the title. This does not look good for the 10-time champion.

As Ziggler and Edge would start the match it would not take long before the Divas go at it. This was the point in time to see if Kelly Kelly can hold her own against a very good  Laycool duo. On this night we would see a new aggressive side from the normally bubbly Kelly Kelly, but it would not take long before the heels started to take offensive momentum of the match. In what was the shocker of the night though Edge and Kelly Kelly would pick up a victory as the dual named diva would spear Layla right out of the ring.

Before the duo of Kelly Kelly and Edge can celebrate Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero comes in and fires the blond diva before turning to her former ‘husband’ Edge and stacking the cards even more against the current champ.

The evil Guerrero would announce a rematch for Edge and Ziggler next week and this time there will be a special referee, cue in the evil cackle before Guerrero proclaimed that she would ref the match in truly stacking the deck against the ‘Ultimate Opportunist‘. Before Edge could even have a chance to respond, in comes Ziggler who would Zig-Zag his foe into the mat as the new SmackDown power couple celebrated before going off the air.

It should be interesting to see where the members of the WWE Creative will take us with the two brands as we build up to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Will we see new feuds being born, where will all these incoming Superstars wind up? All these answers and more to come in the following weeks, all in the buildup and anticipation of one thing WrestleMania!!