New York, NY-Welcome to another addition of your favorite wrestling recap. Tonight we take a look at the Friday night SmackDown, as the WWE continues to give more pieces to the puzzle known as WrestleMania.


The biggest pay-per-view in the company of the history is only 30 more days away, as what was once a fuzzy pay-per-view picture becomes clearer with every passing week.


SmackDown would start on this Friday Night on a Rated-R Note as Edge would come out to celebrate the fact that he was the one who was able to finally rid the WWE Universe of ‘ex-wife’ Vickie Guerrero.  The ‘Ultimate Opportunist’ would be interrupted by ‘The Chosen One’ Drew McIntyre.


In what was a rematch of last Friday’s main event, these two would go at it again, with Edge picking up the 1-2-3 thanks to a little help from a new submission move to make the Sinister Scotsman tap out. It is nice to see Edge have a submission move, and he may need it with his up-and-coming feud with Alberto Del Rio which we will get back to later on.


WWE Creative would hand the fans another piece to the Mania puzzle as Cody Rhodes challenged Rey Mysterio to a bout at the pay-per-view. It is only a matter of time before the challenge is accepted, but before that could happen; cue in a good promo by Rhodes saying he will remove the mask of Mysterio on the Grandest Stage of Them All.


Tag-Team Champions and Corre Members Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel def. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov in what was a filler match between the two teams. Right now the WWE Creative does not have anyone else for Gabriel or Slater to feud with, and the tag team division is a dead one.


Hopefully they will have the former members of the Nexus take on the current members of Mike McGillicutty and Husky Harris at Mania. The storyline would be interesting and I think most members of the WWE Universe would like to see the two groups feuding.


Finally the members of the WWE Universe were in for a treat as it was the return of the Undertaker to SmackDown. The ‘Deadman’ would cut a good promo saying how Hunter is one of the best in the business today.


The Phenom would continue to say that Hunter is putting everything, the reputation, credentials all on the line to do what 18 other men have failed to do. Taker would pull two very good lines at the end of his promo saying he bows down to no man and plays no games, and at WrestleMania Hunter will know what it is like to Rest in Peace.


This writer is still undecided on this bout between the two, weather it is one that I am looking forward to or not. But at least the WWE has a ton of time to build things up between these two iconic wrestlers.


LayCool def. Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes: In what was a very quick Divas bout the duo of Layla and Michelle McCool are now back on the same page ’supposedly’ and were able to get the victory over the face team. It is a shame that Phoenix and the rest of the Divas aren’t allowed to shine like they really should.  And is it just me or does Phoenix remind anyone else of Wonder Woman, attention Hollywood please make this happen-thank you.


Big Show vs. Kane: In another piece to the WrestleMania puzzle comes to place as the WWE will slowly build a face team to challenge the Corre.  This was sort of a weird way to start a face group as Kane would whack Show with a steel chair to disqualify himself from the bout.


Just when the Corre thought Kane was on their side the monster would set his sights on the heel group, hitting Justin Gabriel with the chair. Thus was the start of an uneasy alliance between Kane and Show with two more members joining the group to be revealed later on.


Mania buildup would continue with the recap of Shawn Michaels' comments about the Taker/Hunter bout at Mania. Everyone knows my thoughts on what will happen at Mania, everyone is thinking I am crazy and wrong. I maybe wrong, but I do still feel that the streak maybe over. But there are only 30 more days till I’m hopefully proven wrong by the WWE.


Jack Swagger def. JTG: In what is going to be an interesting storyline for Swagger by the members of the WWE Creative. What they are doing is this-they are allowing Cole to build up heat for Swagger who tends to stutter.


This way Cole can build up the heat that Swagger needs to succeed on the blue brand, he will also help that heat along with submission victories like the one he got tonight over JTG. If Swagger can keep this type of momentum you can expect for the All-American-American to wear the gold once again.


SmackDown would air a second video segment, which was a montage of the budding verbal war between The Rock and John Cena. The sad part about this whole verbal war is the fact that the WWE Champion is still forgotten in all of this.


If the WWE wanted to build up the Mania main event they really need to start putting Miz in these commercial and video promos. Right now everything that is happening between the Rock and Cena is only hurting the Miz and his title run. Hopefully the WWE Creative will do something about it soon.


Speaking of superstars stealing the spotlight this coming Monday Night Raw is going to be an explosive one, as it is the homecoming for Stone Cold Steve Austin. How does the ‘Rattlesnake’ fit into the Mania picture, and what will he have to say about the current state of affairs in WWE? Stay tuned for this one!!


The Blue brand would come to an end with the contract signing between Alberto Del Rio and Edge. The two superstars both cut very good promos during the course of the signing. Especially Del Rio who said that the contract wasn’t just a piece of paper, but it will be what opens the door to the latest chapter in the company.


Edge would respond by saying that Del Rio and his ‘destiny’ can be changed quicker than you can bat an eye. According to the Ultimate Opportunist the Mexican Aristocrat maybe the fastest growing star in the company, but at Mania he will be another flash in the pan.


Tensions between the two would get to the point of fist and bodies flying, as these two started to beat each other up. At first Edge had the momentum and was about to Spear his rival, but Del Rio’s personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez would intervene.


Del Rio would then gain the advantage at that moment, eventually applying the cross arm breaker to Edge. Just when you thought the attack was over, it wasn’t as the assault would continue outside the ring.  Before WWE’s hottest heel could inflict too much damage, cue in Captain Charisma to save the day.


Christian would come charging in to save his former tag-team partner and friend, allowing for a budding rivalry between the two stars to grow. There may be a tag bout between Edge and Christian who will eventually take on Del Rio and Rodriguez or a partner of the Mexican Aristocrats choosing.


Maybe this would be an ample time to have Del Rio and Drew McIntyre team together and allow for the Chosen One. As of late Drew has built up momentum to the point to where he is fighting for the strap, now a partnership with Del Rio will give him the heel heat needed to push him over the top.


Stay tuned fans as each week passes the WrestleMania picture will become more clear, as the storylines and feuds are all building up to the biggest pay-per-view of the year.