We came across a great article over at TNASYLUM, that talks about the best character in TNA (and maybe wrestling) today.


This week we saw a very polarizing episode of IMPACT Wrestling that was completely different from recent episodes. The most compelling element was from the new character known as Joseph Park.


Joseph Park first appeared in a backstage segment getting entrance into the IMPACT Zone. For those who have a vast knowledge of TNA's history, you would recognize the last name as being the same as absent TNA Wrestler, Abyss.


Park spoke very succinctly and politely to everyone he approached including Velvet Sky, Crimson and Matt Morgan. Introducing himself as the brother of Chris Parks AKA Abyss, Joseph Parks was looking for the whereabouts of the absent Monster.



In reality, many fans with an observant eye would know that Joseph Parks sounds and looks exactly like the Monster Abyss, sans mask. Joseph Parks could be the new form of the Monster that many criticized as becoming stale over the past few years.


Introducing this character as looking for Abyss might be TNA's way of saving the Abyss, to bring back at a much later date. The compelling element of this character is the direction that TNA plans on taking it.


If it is a character like JBL, I feel it would be bad choice. However if Joseph Parks was a combination of Dr. Stevie's character, Mike Knox and Hannibal Lectur, TNA might have something special on his hand. The man could be the dark but civil villain many fans fear. Instead of screaming and yelling, Parks could the man who uses his brain and quiet demeanor to mentally and physically damage his opponents. Parks could be what you call the calm before the storm.


Parks is the most compelling character going right now in the TNA Product for the time being. With the many different ways they could go, TNA could do something great with him but they also could screw it up. It will be incredibly intriguing and fun to wait and see what happens.