New York, NY - So the recaps of our favorite professional wrestling programming have returned after I had to deal with a health issue. Thankfully everything is okay and we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming and right on time as we find ourselves six nights away from the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

The members of the WWE Creative team wanted to build up the anticipation for the event with one-on-one bouts with each of the superstars in the chamber starting the show with a bout between C.M. Punk and John Cena. As I was sitting there watching the two interact with one another a revelation came to me that I think would be interesting for both comic book fans and the WWE Universe.

If John Cena is the resident Superman of the WWE would this make C.M. Punk Lex Luthor. Think about it Punk is the brilliant villain who always tries to use his brain over Cena’s brawn. That would prove to be the case on this night as the members of the ‘New’ Nexus  (who were banned) were placed strategically underneath the ring. After getting one assist (aka steel chair) from one member, Punk would place that assist in the ring before getting a wrench from another member of his group.

The ‘Straight-Edge’ leader would hit Cena with that wrench and eventually the GTS to get the 1-2-3 for the third victory over his rival.  It should be interesting to see if the members of the WWE creative team will allow for Cena to build up any momentum before WrestleMania. Will the Superman main event the biggest pay-per-view of the company or will he just be a footnote. You know the WWE will use Cena somehow, since he does sell the most shirts.

For many members of the Cenation though this is the longest they have seen their favorite as the man going after the belt. Most know that this period will not last long though as there has to be an eventual feud between he and The Miz-you can feel it in the air.

There were a couple of announcements during the course of the show including the host for WrestleMania 27 which would be none other then ’The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson. (more on that later). Also thoughts go out to Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, whose mother just passed away -so thoughts and prayers to Lawler and his family. Also got to see a commercial promoting the 600th episode of SmackDown on Friday, which features a 12 man tag-team bout to celebrate the milestone.

Also in news is that when WWE comes to Madison Square Garden on March 19, 2011 the fans can expect for Triple H to be there as a commercial plugged a bout between he and ‘King’ Sheamus in a ‘Street Fight’ bout as the company is on the road to WrestleMania. Sheamus had better enjoy his time as ‘King’ as Hunter will look to knock the Irish born Superstar off his crown in what will be a return of a brutal rivalry between the two. BTW I think most members of the WWE Universe know that these two are really friends so it should be interesting to see if eventually if the two will form a tag team together in the WWE.

The last announcement that was made was that 2/21/11 is indeed the return of the Undertaker. It was sort of a disappointing one as I know many members of the WWE Universe were hoping that the mysterious Superstar coming on that day would be Sting. I personally am still holding fast to the idea that Sting will not work in the WWE. Sting hates Vince and I don’t know if any money could lure the WCW great into the WWE.

Getting back to the action we find the entrance of WWE’s hottest heel Alberto Del Rio via an announcement by personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez-but you-you already knew that. Del Rio cuts a heel promo saying that it doesn’t matter who wins the SmackDown Elimination Chamber bout on Sunday, it is his destiny to become World Heavyweight Champion.

Before the heel promo could continue we get an interruption from the ’Rated-R’ superstar Edge. The ’Ultimate Opportunist’ said he has his own destiny before starting the beat down of Del Rio. It seemed as if Edge would have the upper hand on the ’Mexican Aristocrat’ and would start celebrating in the ring with his championship.

Before that celebration could go any further cue in ’Excuse Me’ Vickie Guerrero with two huge announcements. First was that on the 600th episode of SmackDown Dolph Ziggler would officially be crowned with the World Heavyweight Championship due to the illegal spear that was used by Edge last Friday night.

Second was that Vickie ‘supposedly’ has evidence that ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ was the one that attacked current GM Teddy Long. If that evidence is true then we will no longer see Edge on SmackDown as he will lose his job. This would be a huge blow to the Blue Brand since Edge is one of the few vets that can help to take the multitude of young lions on the show to the next level.

The Flagship Brand would continue the action with a Lumber Jill match between the Divas Champion Eve and Natalya. It was nice to see the athleticism between these two displayed as they put on a good bout. The current champion showed why she deserved the strap with a legit victory. Personally a feud between the two would be a good thing for the women’s division and I think fans would want to see more of these two go at it.

During the course of the night the WWE also announced that the 2011 Summer Slam pay-per-view will be held in Los Angeles. Is it just me or is it the second time that the company has allowed a city to host a pay-per-view. It feels like just yesterday that LA hosted Summer Slam, considering how much the company loves celebrities it is no surprise that this has been allowed to happen.

Raw then cuts to a promo in the back with a Divas brawl which somehow or the other led to the usual stuffing the new WWE Movie down fans throats as now it is Hunter’s new movie ‘The Chaperone’ that is being pushed. Excuse me WWE Creative I know you may boo me for this, but if me and the rest of the WWE Universe really want to go see the movie we will. We know it is coming out soon, we don’t need a promo every week saying so. You doing that only turns us off and thus you don’t make any profits so please don’t stuff these things down our throat anymore okay…thanks!

The Show would continue with a possible (please) feud between Mark Henry and Sheamus continues to build. The World’s strongest man would head down to the ring for a match, but before that bout would start an attack by Sheamus would knock the big man out as we head to commercial.

In probably the best bout of the night The Miz would defeat former NXT rookie Daniel Bryan. It is nice to see The Miz have a match which I feel helped to push the young lion Bryan. This truly displayed both as legit stars in the company. Of course the champ got the victory while also cutting a promo to remind you that he is The Miz and he is awesome!!!

John Morrison (with a shiner) and R-Truth  def. Mike McGillicutty/David Otunga  (originally supposed to be Truth and Morrison one-on-one):  The WWE’s version of Spider-Man seemed quite steamed wanting revenge on the beat down the black and yellow handed to him last week. Morrison who usually shows more flash in his move set, actually showed a more aggressive side to him, as his fist were flying throughout the course of this bout.

Eventually muscle and Batista look-a-like Mason Ryan would come in to interfere and attack the Guru of Greatness from behind. The new aggressive Morrison would attack the Black and Yellow with some help from R-Truth to drive back the heel group.

We then pause for some levity in the program as the WWE Creative had a special Valentines day edition of Khali’s Kiss Cam. Everyone got a kiss from Santino/Tamina, Vickie/Dolph even William Regal gave Zach Ryder a kiss on the cheek for what was a good chuckle. Even Hornswoggle got a kiss as the WWE Creative tried to kill time before the ‘official’ announcement of the host.

Randy Orton def. Sheamus:  The Viper versus the Celtic Warrior: Fans go bonkers for the entrance of Orton as he comes out to the ring. Is it just me or is this new entrance of Orton where he raises his hands in the air very ‘Stone Cold’-esque? Even some of the moves Orton has is very Stone Cold-maybe building up to a feud between the two.

The Viper was able to get  the victory over Sheamus and before a celebration can ensue a beat down by the Black and Yellow would start. Cue in the good guys to ‘maybe’ build up a tag team bout between the faces and the heel group next week on Raw.

As the anticipation for the host would build the members of the WWE creative would throw us a curve ball, as all fans would see high heels and legs. One thought maybe it was the return of Stephanie McMahon, or even Stacy Keibler.

Instead the members of the WWE Universe get a great surprise in the return of ‘The Great One.’ As the arena would erupt in cheers of Rocky-Rocky one of the greatest in-ring promo superstars would cut one of the best/heartfelt promos I have heard in a while.

The Rock pulled out all of the classic lines and would rip into two young lions maybe setting up a feud between him and John Cena and The Miz down the line.  Dwayne would thank the fans saying how he would ‘supposedly’ never leave the WWE again and even Finally sticking up for the fans in what was a classic moment with Michael Cole…saying where Cole can stick the computer in which he receives his announcements from.

For now the fans will get to enjoy The Great One as host of Mania for this year…this is maybe building up to an eventual Hall of Fame Induction for one of the greatest superstars in the history of the company. Personally The Rock has always been one of my favorites and I do hope he sticks around for a while and puts the company back on the map where it belongs.

As a FYI Dwayne also has a Facebook and twitter page so for fans who wish to follow the superstar can do so on both.  The Flagship brand would end the night with the crowd going bonkers as fans would celebrate the return of the Rock.

This also concludes the return of the recaps for wrestling hope you all enjoyed it and stay tuned as I will recap the 600th episode of SmackDown on Friday night!!