New York, NY-On the very last Friday night SmackDown before the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the night would end on a Rated-R note, as Edge would build momentum before his big match on Sunday night.

Before we can get to how the Ultimate Opportunist was able to build momentum to the Rumble we need to start the Friday night show which was broadcasted from Cincinnati, Ohio with Vickie ‘Excuse Me’ Guerrero becoming the ‘Acting’ General Manager.

Thankfully for the WWE Universe Guerrero would be interrupted by ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton come out to cut a great ‘Excuse Me’ promo, saying how ‘The Miz' will have to excuse Orton for taking the title back at the pay-per-view.

Just when you thought it was safe young lion Dolph Ziggler comes out and cuts a very good promo saying that soon enough not only Orton, but the rest of the WWE will have to respect Ziggler. As the master of the Zig Zag hopes to have the Worlds heavyweight strap around his waist after the pay-per-view on Sunday.

Orton would cut in saying how respect needs to be in before laying out a vicious RKO on Ziggler, putting the young lion face first into the mat, while also building up to the night’s man event Challengers-versus-Champions match.

Laycool  def. Kelly Kelly/Kaitlyn: In what was a fluff Divas bout, which the only purpose of this match was to show the dominance of the tag-team known as Laycool before their bout with Natalya on Sunday. This one writer wishes that instead of having Michelle McCool picking up a win over no one cares about, they will actually have her picking up momentum against a Melina or Beth Phoenix. Maybe one day WWE Creative-maybe one day.

Drew McIntyre def. JTG:  In again what was a waste of the WWE Universes minds and times, McIntyre picks up a filler victory over JTG to continue the storyline of he and Kelly Kelly. Hey WWE creative this is supposed to be ‘The Chosen One’ isn’t it.  Stop having him pick up victories over jobbers and start to have him feuding with people that will get his name noticed on SmackDown. Or even on Raw-a feud with King Sheamus would make for an interesting once since the Sinister Scotsman and Irish Born ‘King’ would make natural enemies.

In what was a night of a lot of talk we would have a segment with another solid promo by the former ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes, who supposedly broke his nose last week in is bout with Rey Mysterio. According to Rhodes, he will now have to have drastic surgery to fix his face, and now is dreams of participating in the Rumble along with his nose have been broken. This one journalist hopes that this will lead to a feud with Rhodes and the Masked wonder after the Rumble.

Edge cuts interesting promo, but a memo to WWE Creative you could have had less promos and more action on this night. I mean we are trying to build up to the Rumble aren’t we. And you are going to have to think of either new feuds or reignite the old feuds you do have after the pay-per-view is over. But all things considering they haven’t even thought of how the Rumble is going to end, I guess we should be glad for a good promo filled SmackDown to begin with.

Alberto Del Rio then came to the ring to show why it would be his destiny to win the Rumble on Sunday. The Mexican Aristocrat quickly got rid of two jobbers before the monster known as Kane comes out. Before SmackDown’s hottest heel could build up any momentum on Kane, Kofi Kingston would come out and made both superstars look like chumps eliminating both men in one move.

Just as Del Rio and Kane were about to double-team Kingston, backup came in the name of Mysterio. Before utter chaos can break loose Vickie ‘Excuse Me’ Guerrero comes out to book a tag team match.

Mysterio/Kofi Kingston def. Del Rio/Kane : With this bout the WWE Creative was essentially trying to  encourage the fans to believe that a ‘fresh’ face was going to win the Rumble this year, while creating the debate…is it better to team up or every man for himself leading to success this Sunday.

Big Show comes out cuts a promo on how he is angry at ’The Corre’ before the ‘Worlds Largest Athlete’ could get going the new SmackDown heel stable comes out and surrounds the Giant. The Blue version of the Nexus begins their beat down, but before the finishing moves could  occur the locker room would empty. The muscle of the group Ezekiel Jackson would prove his worth, but in the end the Blue Brand would take over the ring.

Oh and by the way you do know that Sunday is the pay-per-view right, well in true WWE Creative shoving their next project down the Universe’s throat they would cut to their yearly ‘All about the numbers’ Royal Rumble promo.

Finally we can now get back to how the Rated-R Superstar was able to build momentum before Sunday. As he and former Rated-RKO partner picked up a victory over ‘The Miz’ and Dolph Ziggler in the Champion vs. Challengers Main Event bout.

Edge was able to unleash a vicious spear on young lion Ziggler for the 1-2-3 victory, but would have the cards stacked against him in the pay-per-view re-match on Sunday. In true heel fashion Vickie Guerrero banned the finishing move, saying that if it were used that Edge would not only be disqualified but the championship would automatically change hands.

Fans of Edge don’t know the 10-time champ as the Ultimate opportunist for nothing, as The Rated-R Superstar unleashed several more spears, building that positive momentum that he needed before Sunday. SmackDown would end with Edge proudly holding the championship up in the air with the fans cheering wildly.

But will that be in fact the scene on Sunday, as Ziggler has picked up a lot of positive momentum of his own. Is the Blue Brand really going to go the way of the young lion, or will they allow the veteran Edge more time with the strap.

There will be many other questions that WWE Creative has to answer before Sunday rolls around. Will the Viper Regain his WWE Championship. Will the Divas title change hands, and who will win the Rumble? Stay tuned loyal readers as we will all find out together the answers to these questions.

Prediction: John Cena will win the Royal Rumble-yes you may booo me now, but Cena has not been in the spot light for quite some time and the Rumble will be in his hometown of Massachusetts, so yes ladies and gents the Champ will win the Royal Rumble.

Interesting rumors to watch for at the Rumble:  former TNA ‘Knockout’ Awesome Kong and Triple H will both participate in the 40-Superstar Rumble on Sunday.